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10 Cool Henna Designs That Will Inspire You to Go For It.

Henna is popular among the many Asian countries while western world also taking over it using henna tattoos. Today we brought you some awesome looking cool henna designs that will help you to get inspired and create your own design. Henna is nothing but a paste made up from the crushed powder of Henna leaves. […]

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DIY Bracelet From Headphone Wires

Headphone wires can be used to make a beautiful bracelet. If you have a headphone that does not work any then you can try this easy DIY bracelet, instead of throwing it out. It’s easy and super fun to make. Cut out the plug and earbuds from headphone wires.   Now take a pencil and […]

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25 Different Ways To Wear Scarf

  Who don’t love wearing scarf? They looks awesome when we tie them with little style. I love wearing them on casuals. It gives boost to my look. Until & unless I stumbled upon the following video I would not able to know that there is 25 different ways to tie a scarf & each […]

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