10 Cool Henna Designs That Will Inspire You to Go For It.

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Henna is popular among the many Asian countries while western world also taking over it using henna tattoos. Today we brought you some awesome looking cool henna designs that will help you to get inspired and create your own design.

Henna is nothing but a paste made up from the crushed powder of Henna leaves.

Henna plant can be found in North African as well as South Asian countries. Unbroken leaves of henna will not leave any stains on skin unless an until we broke these leaves to make “Lawsone”(a chemical compound found in henna).

When we apply henna on our skin, this lawsone molecule is released from this paste and get absorbed in outer layer of skin. Here, it connect with protein and form a the darkening effect of henna.

#1. Cool henna design for feet


#2. Henna design for hands

#3. Easy Henna Design For Hand – Before & After Pic

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