Creative Ways to Make Beautiful DIY Bracelets

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Who doesn’t love the best looking bracelets? Any girl who keeps herself updated with every trends in fashion knows how important the bracelets are.

But wearing a single bracelet everyday, never make a good sense. This is the main reason we went on hunt to make few homemade bracelets and found these 32 incredible resources across the web.

We have handpicked these awesome sources that will help you and guide you to make a homemade DIY bracelet.

DIY Friendship Bracelet –

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Remember the colorful school days? Here is an adorable colorful bracelet that will take you back in your school memories.

These are few beautiful striped bracelets that are really awesome and useful to give to your friends as a friendship gift.  Erica from HonestlyWTF made this special friendship bracelet. Even she documented every step that involved making this bracelet.

DIY Hardware Store Bracelets

DIY Hardware Store Bracelets

Easy to make and can be made in multiple color as well as one can wear two to three at a time. These DIY hardware store bracelets as name suggests are made up from the material that is available in any hardware store.

Small rope, embroidery thread, Brass compression sleeves , & End caps can together make these wonderful bracelets.  Erin from Thanks, I Made It documented DIY steps for this bracelets.

DIY Mixed Metal Friendship Bracelet

Mixed Metal Friendship Bracelet

For metal lovers. This is a much easy and cheaper bracelet type that any one can able to do in home.

Mixed metal bracelet is named such because it demands using two metal chains and it look best when you use two different metal chains. White stones in middle add an extra charm to bracelet and sufficient to give it a glow.

Sarah & Carolyn from Life By Appointment made this beautiful bracelet and the most interesting this is that both them are physicians who are busy 80 hrs a week.

DIY Matthew Williamson neon drawstring bracelet

The Best DIY Matthew Williamson neon drawstring bracelet

Image: Farfetch

This is a genius idea.  It exactly looks like a Matthew Williams Neon Drawstring Bracelet but it is a homemade.

A blogger from Inspiration & Realisation made this exact looking bracelet from scratch.

Recycled T-shirt Bracelets


Don’t it look beautiful? These are not actually bracelets & can be termed as colorful bangles.

Take some old T-shirts, inexpensive bangles, white glue to attach it perfectly and you are ready to go. Check out DIY recycled t-shirt bracelet on Crafts by Amanda blog. She made these beautiful bracelets.

DIY Leatherknot Bracelet


Alicia Dirago from made this amazing DIY bracelet which looks attractive and really easy to make.

Take a leather (5″ x 15″ ) piece and fold it inside to make a narrow strip  then make a knot and attache some glue. Alicia discussed this DIY leather knot bracelet procedure step wise and you can check out it on her blog

DIY Painted Tribal Bracelet


Just like recycled t-shirt braceltes that we discussed above these are also not actually a bracelets. These are trible-inspired bangle bracelets.

These bracelets looks classy and heart warming. DIY ideas of design are limitless in this bracelets as one can add any kind of color design to these flat bangles.

Alicia shared this idea on She took a bangle with flat exterior and all purposes labels to give design to her color. Check out step to step on

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