DIY Bracelet From Headphone Wires

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Headphone wires can be used to make a beautiful bracelet.

If you have a headphone that does not work any then you can try this easy DIY bracelet, instead of throwing it out.

It’s easy and super fun to make.

Cut out the plug and earbuds from headphone wires.



Now take a pencil and fold both wires to get a loop at one one end. Secure both loops around pencil.



Treat the middle two wires as one strand & take first wire over the middle strand and loop it with last wire. 



Repeat the same procedure to make more knots, until you get a bracelet out of it.



Now remove the pencil, unwrap the loops & cut the outer strands of wires. Your bracelet is ready to wear.



To understand the whole procedure in details please watch the following video.


Image Source – Doitang

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