Diy Butterfly Wall Decor – How To make Butterfly Wall Decor

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Butterfly Wall Decor – This is an inexpensive DIY room decor that look awesome and add some extra WOW factor to walls of home. This decor is perfect for children’s room.

Most interesting thing is you won’t need to buy these butterflies from market instead you can make it in home and if you are not much into designing then we have templates ready for you!

Draw butterfly shape on paper and color those butterflies as you like.

Butterfly Wall Decor Template

We have just provided above image to give you an idea.  You can draw butterflies in different shape, size and color.

Once you finish drawing and painting these butterflies, then cut them out. And bend them to make a perfect shape of butterfly.

DIY Butterfly wall Decor Colorful Template

Now take any size of thermocol and cover it with a paper. I have taken light blue color paper, you can take any paper of your choice.

Stick Paper To Thermocol

Stick it on thermocol with the help of glue.

Blue Paper Thermocol

Finally stick all the butterflies with the help of glue. You can stick them in any manner or shape as per choice.

DIY Butterfly Wall Decor image 1

Now find best place to hang it on wall . Use double tape to stick this decor on wall.





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