Strawberry Detox Water – Homemade Strawberry Infused Detox Water

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Who don’t love detox water that will taste like strawberry?

Strawberry detox water is the way to go in summer season when it comes to keep your body hydrated.

As per latest research strawberry ranked in first five fruits to provide anti-oxidant as well as can provide good amount of vitamin C.

Strawberries are great source of Polyphenol’s and Phytonutrient’s. These both nutrient plays major role in human health. Polyphenols help reduce excess blood sugar level while phytonutrient work as anti-inflammatory agent.

When paired with water strawberry can makes waonder. It will give an extra punch of taste to your water as well as can provide vit. C, anti-oxidant and can help boost your immunity.

How to make strawberry infused detox water?

To make this refreshing drink in home, you will need few fresh strawberries, one liter of drinking water, two spring fresh rosemary, pinch of salt.

1. First wash the strawberries thoroughly and  remove the stems.

2. Cut them in two to three even sized pieces and keep in a pitcher.



3. Chop rosemary in three to four pieces and add to strawberries.


4. Pour 1 L of drinking water to pitcher and add pinch of salt.

5. Refrigerate this mixture for 4 to 6 hours and drink it as required.

6. If you are real fan of lemon then you can also add one or two slices of lemon to this mixture to make it more energizing .

7. One can also add small cubes of watermelon to this mixture to make it strawberry-watermelon detox water.

How to drink strawberry detox water?

As you drink your regular water.

If you make one liter of this drink then it is always better to drink 200 ml of it at a time; five times a day. Drink 20 minutes before you have your lunch and dinner. This will help you to fill your stomach with detox water and as a result of this you will end up eating little less.

Does it good for a patient with renal disease?

Consult your nephrologist first!

If you have any health problem that includes your kidney the it is MUST that you avoid these kind of drinks and consult your doctor first to get exact idea about your water intake.

Can I drink it all together?


Never drink one liter of water together. Instead drink a glass of detox water at a time and repeat it through out the day.


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