15 Creative Nail Art Designs That Demand Just Scotch Tape

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Scotch tape nail art designs are here to save your time and be more productive with your nail design efforts.

Instead of trying hard to get the stylish look for nails, its a worthy choice to utilize SCOTCH TAPE as a tool to improve your nail designs & take them to next level.

Easy availability of scotch tape make this kind of nail art designs popular and off-course we have to admit the they looks pretty.

So, if you are on hunt to get inspiration for scotch tape nail art designs here is our handpicked ideas.

1. Diagonal Nail Tape Maninail-tape-diagonal-mani

Nothing can become more easy than this. Take scotch tape, place it diagonally over your nail and paint the nail with desired color.

This ideas is taken from thecraftyninja.com

2. The Geometric Nails

Geomatric Tape Nail Art Design

Dots, lines & contrasting colors. This geometric nail designs can easily done with use of scotch tape.

This nail design is taken from My Awesome Beauty blog.

3. Easy Striped Nails With Scotch Tape

Get stripe nails with this easy hack. For step by step tutorial watch the video.

4. Semi Half Moon Nail Design

Semi Half Moon Nail design Idea

Using craft scissor you can produce many different shapes of scotch tape & can have better looking nails.

Learn the full tutorial on  Choles Nails.

5. Zig Zag Nail Design Using Craft Scissor 

Zig Zag Nail Design Idea

Visit here for complete nail design tutorial. And if you are wondering where to buy the craft scissors then just head over to scrapbooking section of any craft store.

6. Tiny Strips Nail Design

Tiny Strips Nail Design Idea

Find the details on instagram.

7. Chevron Tape Manicure

chevron Tape Mani

Click here to learn chevron tape manicure design.

8. Checkered Nail Design

Checkered Nail Design Idea

Get the complete tutorial here

9. One Sparkling Nail Design 

Sparkling Nail Design Idea

Sparkling Nail Design Idea 1

Click here for complete tutorial.

10. Blue Gradient Nail Design 

Blue Gradient Nail Design Idea

Source – createthislookforless.com

11. Few More Nail Art Designs From My Awesome Beauty

scotch tape nail design idea 3

Source – myawesomebeauty.com

scotch tape nail design idea 2

Source – myawesomebeauty.com

scotch tape nail design idea

12. Colorful Nail Design

scotch tape nail design idea 4


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kailey stanford - May 2, 2016

I love all of the cute designs that she did but i’m not quite sure I can be that neat with it.


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