Top 10 Easy DIY Nail Art Designs For Lazy Yet Creative Girls

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Plain designs for nail has been taken back seat now.

Every girl loves beautiful and creative DIY nail art designs.

But spending too much time and energy on nail art is not something that you can afford to do every day and you don’t have too. Here our handpicked nail art designs for lazy girls.

These are artistic, creative, beautiful and extremely easy to do it yourself.

Scotch Tape Nail Art Design

Easy Nail Art Designs 001

Creative nail art designs are extremely easy these days.

You need some household stuff that can stick to your nails and some wild imaginations :-). Scotch tape is the best friend of every girl who want creative nail designs with minimum efforts. Cut scotch tape in small strips and stick them on your nails and make beautiful designs.

If you are sticking them on your base coat make sure that base coat is dry.

Get the details instruction about this hack on Brichbox Blog

DIY Polka Dots Nail Art

Easy Nail Art Designs 002

This is super easy nail art.

Just add some large dots of dark color on light background with help of bobby pin and you have cool nail art design. Just dip the ball of bobby pin in your nail polish & draw a well controlled dots design.

This hack is really useful when you do not have time or you are really in hurry. Get the detail idea on Joy Doodlebug blog.

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naomi - March 12, 2015

Excellent nails wooow

diy nail art designs for short nails - November 27, 2015

Nice Blog, Thank you, Lets share about this beautiful nail design article. mostly every girls wants get beauty nails with good designs. so here gives you one wonderful blog for all. people can try this. i hope you love this.

Beautybabe101 - February 21, 2016

Omg beautiful nail work
U n buzzfeed definitely my fav website evah


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