15 Awesome ways that transform your old T-shirt creatively

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We all love buying new cloths, but we also have a special old t-shirt that we do not want to throw out.

We curated some awesome ideas that can help you to completely transform an old T-shirt in a creative way & believe us it looks fabulous.

Here are those simple yet effective life hacks –

Geometrical cutout

Buzzfeed Geometrical T Shirt Cut Out Idea

Via – Buzzfeed

Get a dark colored old T-shirt, print out the template that Buzzfeed provides and cut out design accordingly.

For step by step tutorial on how to cut out this geometrical shape visit here.

Triangle Cutout

Triangle Shaped Cut Out Of Old T Shirt

Via – Fringe & Fringe /Marion

Follow the same procedure like geometric cut out, but use triangle shaped design this time.

Triangles within triangle looks pretty and gives an unique look.  Check out Fringe & Fringe for detail tips on how to make it.

Heart Shaped Cutout

Heart Shaped T Shirt Cutout

Via –Macted / Laura

Cutout the half heart shape on a paper and use that template to draw design on T-shirt. Once you get the design of heart, draw parallel lines within heart shape and cutout along the lines.

Cutting just lines does not seems genius, but keeping it within a heart shape is what makes this design stand out.

Get the step by step instructions on Macted.

Criss-Cross Balenciaga Top

Criss Cross Wrap Shaped Transformation Of Old T Shirt

Via – Followfashion.nl / Antoinet

One of the easy DIY hack for old tee is to convert it into a criss-cross top. It looks amazingly stylish and just need a scissor, simple top, thread and needles.

Get the step by step instructions on Follow Fashion

Open Shoulder Cutout Tee

Open Shoulder Cutout Tee Transformation

Via – Saffron Haze

Not only T-shirts but you can even turn your cotton shirt to a super stylish ‘Open shoulder cutout top’.

Get a over sized shirt and unpick the seam closest to the collar then fold front and back edges and reseam them separately for a perfect look.

Here is the step by step tutorial on Saffron Haze

Pearl Embed Cut Out Tee

diy pearl cut out tshirt

Via – Love Maegan

Now this is classy!

We are absolutely in love with this stunning old tee hack.  Maegan from lovemaegan.com come up this awesome idea to cut the neck and lower part of sleeves then resewing them by adding pearls.

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